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How to Create an Engaging Newsletter Part 2

Boards and association managers for condominiums also need a newsletter for their communities. With Tampa condominium management comes the responsibility of knowing and understanding the community you live in.

In Part 1, we discussed why you should create a newsletter, what information you should include, and some valuable tips to keep in mind when creating your newsletter. Below, you’ll find our remaining tips for creating a beautiful and engaging newsletter that your community will be proud of.

Give valuable information

Newsletter is news! Even if members aren’t actively participating, they still want to know what’s going on in the community. You should keep them abreast of board decisions, but resist using board meeting minutes as newsletter information. Inform owners of issues that affect them personally.

Be Consistent

If you plan to publish the newsletter monthly, do so. If you choose bimonthly, that is fine as well. No matter when you publish, the key is to be consistent. There will be faithful readers that look forward to what the board has to say and what’s going on in the community.

Give Them Something to Look Forward to

Owners need to hear about complaints and violations, but the newsletter shouldn’t focus solely on what some may view as negative. People love to hear about events and contests. It doesn’t matter if it’s within the community or the city. Include a calendar so they can keep track of interesting things going on.

Go Paperless

Printing a newsletter adds a nice personal touch but can be rather expensive. Besides, people tend to waste a lot of paper. This is why creating an e-newsletter may be worthwhile. There are programs such as Constant Contact and MailChimp that provide beautifully designed newsletter templates for email distribution.

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