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How Good Maintenance Practices Can Improve Tenant Acquisition and Retention

As a commercial management company in Tampa, we know how important maintenance issues are to tenants. Whether your commercial property is a strip mall, office park, or highrise, keeping your property clean and well maintained is crucial to retain tenants. In addition, the proper upkeep of a property is something potential tenants look for when finding a new space for their business.

Keep Property Maintained Inside And Out

A Tampa commercial management company can help ensure that your property is maintained inside and out. The outside of your commercial property is the first thing prospective tenants will see, so it’s important that the grounds are taken care of, from mowing the lawn and trimming trees to pressure washing sidewalks and making paint touch ups. When it comes to the interior of a property, it is also important that common areas and restrooms be cleaned on a regular basis.

Have A Quick Response To Maintenance Requests

Quick response times to tenants’ maintenance requests are crucial. Having a property management company in charge of maintenance issues will ensure that tenants have a swift response time to their requests. From changing light bulbs to fixing a broken A/C unit, maintenance issues can often interrupt your tenants’ operations, and must be addressed quickly.

Follow Up After Every Maintenance Request

Following up on a tenant’s completed service request, either by phone or email, is essential. Following completion of the service request, the property manager should make sure everything was completed to the tenant’s expectations, and ask if there is anything else they can assist with. This will uncover any other issues that may exist, and also let the tenant know that they are well taken care of.

Establish Good Communication Between Tenants and Maintenance Team

Open communication between the maintenance team and tenants is necessary for a good relationship and to ensure maintenance issues are addressed quickly. As a Tampa commercial management company, we know how to help build that relationship by introducing the maintenance team to new tenants, and creating the necessary channels to ensure maintenance issues are addressed in a timely fashion.

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