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5 Questions You Should Be Asking Prospective Board Members

Onboarding a new board member is much like interviewing a new employee for a job. How do you intend to weed out the good from the bad? The people you place into leadership roles are a direct reflection of your community, so choose wisely. As a leading Tampa HOA management company, we want to share five important questions you should be asking prospective board members.

1. Do Your Understand and Comply With Our Governing Documents?

Governing documents are extremely important and something that Tampa HOA management companies can assist you with administratively. Because your governing documents guide the association, it’s crucial that all members understand and abide by them. Members should be educated on the following:

- Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R)
- Articles of incorporation
- Bylaws
- Community plans

2. Are You Comfortable Making Hard Decisions?

There will be times where board members have to come together to make tough decisions like increasing fees for example. Is the potential member ok with being unpopular at times? They need to be able to think critically and do what benefits the community even if means making some people unhappy.

3. Can You Commit to the Requirements of the Role?

Taking a board leadership role requires time, dedication, and resources. Make great strides to educate potential recruits about the expectations and requirements of the role. If they are juggling various responsibilities in other areas of their life, discuss how their existing responsibilities will affect their ability to meet the needs of the HOA board.

4. Are You a Team Player?

An HOA board is not a dictatorship. Homeowners trust board members to look out for the best interest of the community as a whole, not the board member’s own interest. Board members must be unbiased, carry their own weight, and align with the vision of the board and community even when it doesn’t suit their personal desire.

5. In What Ways Can You Enhance Our Board?

Becoming a board member is about serving others with a unified goal in mind for the community. However, each member will possess strengths, talents, and interest that benefit the community as a whole. Prospective members should be ready to discuss what they bring to the table and how they are an asset and not a liability to the community.

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